I'm in the pink today.

The church, bird's nest and trees are a sampling.... If you have an interest in any of my art, please email me at Lucydoane@lucydoaneart.com. 

Until recently my art has just been for family.  A friend of mine happened to see some of my paintings on my walls, and said, “I think my friends would like this.”  That was the beginning of selling my art to families all over the United States.  It has all been word of mouth up until now.

Thank you for reading this introduction.  I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to hearing from you.


Lucy Doane


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Lucy Doane Art


Welcome to the launch of my website.  Thank you for stopping by.  Growing up in a very big military family (3 brothers and 3 sisters), we lived all over the United States. We had tons of wonderful experiences and saw natural beauty all over our great country. I am trying to capture that beauty on canvas.